MDHAC has a new LOGO!

After a 10-month long journey of revisiting the mission/vision, renaming and rebranding the museum  . . . we, the MDHAC Board of Directors, are very excited and proud to announce and show the world what the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture’s logo is! 

As one can see, MDHAC’s logo has four colors – turquoise, silver, black and white.  These colors will be interchangeable throughout MDHAC’s promotional materials.   Most exciting of all about the logo is MDHAC’s unique hexagonal/honeycomb symbol.   The hexagonal/honeycomb symbol represents the interconnectedness of the rich, diverse and vibrant culturo-linguistic Deaf community as a whole, as well as its essentialism to human biodiversity.   The snapshot of the three interconnected hexagonal shapes represents the three essential components of the Deaf community as a whole – it’s history, arts and culture.


It's official!  The Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture® is proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office approved its request to have it's new name registered and use the registered trademark symbol ® .  This symbol is used to show that the organization name: Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture is legally registered with USPTO and has exclusive nationwide ownership of the trademark name. 

Logo Designer Competition

Logo  Submissions

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the Deaf artists/graphic designers for sharing their talents and submitting their design ideas for the logo competition!  They were all wonderful!   With their permission, we are pleased to be able to share with you what they had submitted.  If anyone is interested in their design work - be sure to reach out to them and inquire! 

We thank the Logo Designers for submitting their design ideas!  We sincerely appreciated everyone who took the time to create a logo for MDHAC.  We know it took time and creativity to put it together.    They were all wonderful designs!   THANK YOU!


To show our appreciation, we are pleased to showcase all the submissions with the designer's names and contact info should anyone be interested in using their design services.   There were a few additional submissions, however those designers respectfully asked that their work not be shown.     

We thank the Grand Winner who prefers to remain anonymous.  The winner's design sparked a great discussion among the judging committee and resulted in a couple of sample modifications to it's final design, which one can see at the top of the website page.  

                                  Enjoy browsing through the logo design submissions!



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