Luther "Dummy" Hoy

Luther "Dummy" Hoy

“SAFE!” “He’s OUT!” “Curve ball to the left” — these are well known signs in major league baseball. What may not be so well known is where those signs come from.

If the sports world can thank anyone for the signs used in baseball today, Luther “Dummy” Taylor, a pitcher for the New York Giants in the early 1900’s would be that person. Luther’s manager wanted all his team to be able to communicate with Luther, so he insisted that all his players learn American Sign Language. From these first communication efforts was born the signal system used in the major leagues today.

​The William J. Marra Museum of Deaf History and Deaf Culture is proud to host the only exhibit of its kind in the country featuring Luther “Dummy” Taylor. Come visit the Deaf Cultural Center and stop in to say hello to a sports legend, a great ball player, a great deaf man – Luther “Dummy” Taylor.



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