Looking for a unique youth group activity?  Consider the MDHAC® Hands-On Workshop experience! Great for Scout troops, homeschool groups, school field trips, youth camps, birthday parties, and more!  Participants can have the opportunity to earn a HANDS-ON Workshop badge!

Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture®'s most popular cultural enrichment activity for youth groups of all ages!

The HANDS-ON workshop consists of three 20 minute mini-lessons customizable to your group. Most popular 3 sessions tend to be the following: a mini American Sign Language class,  Storytelling in ASL, and a craft activity with a Deaf theme.  The workshop costs $7 per participant with a $70 minimum.  Other mini-lessons to chose from are listed further below.

A separate tour of the museum is free. This usually takes about an hour and includes a 12 minute film  "A Different Way to Hear"  which helps in understanding the Deaf community.

$7 per participant with a minimum of $70 

maximum group size with craft activity is 36

maximum group size without craft activity is 60

HANDS-ON Workshop mini-lessons meets the Kansas State Standards on Education and Benchmarks for Grades K-12.

The Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture® offers an Educational Tour. The tour enhances the  Kansas state standards for grades K-12 in the areas of Science, Health, History, Economics and Civics-Government. You will find interactive stations and exhibit rooms to reinforce the information students are learning as they move through the museum.   A folder that contains materials created especially for use in the classroom is available upon request.  Included in this folder are:

  • Charts of State Standards which identify the Benchmarks that will be enhanced

  • Mini-Lessons Guides based upon specific Standards and Benchmarks for grades 7-12

    • · “Achievements” Grade 4, History

    • · “A Different Way to Hear” Grades 3-4, Science

    • · “To The Stars Through Difficulty” Grade 3, History

    • · “ASL See What I Am Saying”, Grades 3-4, Science

    • · “American Deaf History” Grade 4, Geography

    • · “Who We Are” Grade 4, Health

    • · “Where We Work” Grade 5, Economics (Disabilities Act)

    • · “Where We Learn”  Grade 5, Civics-Government

    • · “Who We Are” Grade 8, Health

    • · “Access in a World Without Sound”  Grade 8, Health

    • · “Where We Work” Grades 7-12, Guide for ADA

    • · “Living in Deaf Culture” Grades 7-12, Deaflympics

    • William J. Marra Museum Scavenger Hunt,  All Ages

  • Mini-Discussion Guides appropriate for grades 7-12

  • Copy of "Search the Panels" scavenger hunt and answer key.

  • List of educational resources regarding Deaf Education

  • Follow up evaluation of the museum visit for Teachers and Students



For an additional $3, earn a HANDS-ON Workshop Badge at the end of the workshop experience and learn the meaning behind the EYE!

In preparation to creating a successful and memorable educational experience for your groups, you could have the students practice fingerspelling their name. You can find examples of fingerspelling online.


HANDS-ON Badges for Scouts

For an additional $3 each, Girls and Boys Scouts (or anyone) can earn a HANDS-ON badge at the end of the workshop experience.

If interested in this added perk, please express your interest in your request form.

If you would like to give additional monetary support in supporting the HANDS-ON Workshop and supply of badges, please go to Donate Now to help!  THANK YOU!  

Scheduling a HANDS-ON Workshop:

Fill out this Hands-On Request form

THANK YOU!  We look forward to having you visit the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture®!

This workshop is made possible by MDHAC's many volunteers who give their time, talent, energy and passion in making this a long-lasting memorable activity for all who participate!

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