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The Museum of Deaf LIBRARY

NEW IN 2023!

Registered and listed with the State Library of Kansas

Our tiny library has a humble collection of 650+ books and is managed by a rotating team of awesome volunteers. This library solely focuses on a unique collection of books and items on anything and everything about Deaf people, their experiences, history, languages, arts and culture. Including books written by diverse authors, whether Deaf or non-Deaf, from a broad spectrum of ideologies from extreme audism to embracing Deafhood.  Identifying and tagging such educates the public on how to recognize audism and practice being anti-audist.


This treasured gem of a library, like no other in the U.S.A., is a constant work of progress and expansion made possible by donors like you.


At this time, our books are not available for check-out, however, we encourage visiting in-person or virtually to browse the collection and to donate books from our wishlist to help expand the Museum of Deaf Library's collection!

A virtual tour of the tiny but mighty Museum of Deaf Library!


Meet the Museum of Deaf Library's

Volunteer Librarian, Shirley Sears!


Shirley, the volunteer Librarian, loves books, especially any book written and illustrated by Deaf Authors and Artists! Such books are a rarity and are hard to find. Shirley hopes that changes as more Deaf start to write and/or illustrate books. For her, It is like a treasure hunt to find such hidden gems!


Shirley has donated countless hours for the last 8 months and continuing, in sorting, cataloging, and tagging books, such as identifying which books promote audism and/or touches on audism. Identifying and tagging such educates the public on how to recognize audism and practice being anti-audist. All this is being done to make it possible for online public viewing and educating worldwide!

Please consider becoming a donor to support the efforts of preserving all words used to create books about Deaf people!

box of books



Go to the Museum of Deaf Library's wishlist and find a book(s) you'd like to donate to the library.  Purchases can be done through any online book store, such as Amazon.  Mark it as a gift to allow you to make a note of who it's donated from, then ship it to:

Museum of Deaf Library

455 East Park St.

Olathe, KS 66061


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