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We pride ourselves in the quality of exhibits and experiences available for guests like you. Whether you're planning an afternoon visit or a digital exploration in your pajamas, there is always something for you to enjoy.


Luther "Dummy" Taylor

If the sports world can thank anyone for the signs used in baseball today, Luther “Dummy” Taylor, a pitcher for the New York Giants in the early 1900’s would be that person.


Deaf Culture

Find out why being Deaf is not a disability, it's a human experience of experiencing the world with a Deaf worldview.


A Different Way To Hear

Being Deaf means living in a visual world, a world where sight takes precedence and the norm is communication through a visual language rather than a spoken language.


Behind The Museum

The Museum of Deaf History, Arts, and Culture is made possible with staff, volunteers, donors, and guests like you. 

Learn more about our humble beginnings and the journey we have been on.

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