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Virtual Docent Tour

For national and international visitors unable to visit the museum in-person, become a Friend of the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture to gain access to and view multiple times throughout the year of Friendship the full Virtual Tour available on the Friends Portal.

The docent guides in the Virtual Tour are Deaf and use American Sign Language, hence voice interpretation and English captioning is provided.

Self-Guided Tour

The self-guided tour begins with a 10 minute Welcome video.  Visitors will then take a stroll through the Chuck Baird Art Gallery. Finally, visitors will dive into Deaf history and culture, a look at the history of a typical school for the Deaf in America, with a variety of historical artifacts along the way. 


Please plan one to two hours for the self-guided tour. For groups of 10 or more visitors, please arrange a private guided tour. 

Admission is free.  Donations are encouraged.

Self-Guided Chuck Baird Art Gallery

Private Docent Tour

Experience an American Sign Language-rich Private Docent Tour lead by a Deaf Docent fluent in American Sign Language and geared for all ages.  Voice interpretation is provided upon request for those who are not fluent in ASL. 


The Deaf Docent will first guide the visitors through a 10 minute introductory video, next will explore the De’VIA genre artworks in the Chuck Baird Art Gallery, then dive into the exhibits on the rich history, culture, languages and artifacts of the Deaf community and Deaf schools in America.  

The Private Docent Tours is one hour and a half long.


The fee for docent tours are $10 per person.

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Immersive HANDS-ON Workshop

A popular cultural enrichment program for all kinds of groups and for ages 5 to 99+!  The Immersive Hands-On workshop offers an enriching experience in an American Sign Language-rich environment lead by Deaf Docents. This program introduces participants to the Deaf Community, its culture and languages as well as bridge the language gap between the Deaf and non-Deaf communities by promoting shared signing communities for all. 

The fee for the Immersive Workshop/Tour is $8 pp.  Please plan on one hour and a half for this activity.

Need a flyer to share with your

employer or friends? 

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