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Looking for a unique cultural, immersive and enriching group activity?  Consider the Hands-On Immersive Workshop experience! Great for ALL ages, Scout troops, homeschool groups, school field trips, youth camps, birthday parties, post-secondary education, tour groups and more.

This is our most popular cultural enrichment activity for all kinds of groups, and for ages 5 to 99+!

The Immersive "Hands-On" Workshop offers an enriching and immersive experience in an American Sign Language-rich environment lead by Deaf Docents. This program introduces participants to the Deaf Community, its culture and languages as well as bridge the language gap between the Deaf and non-Deaf communities by promoting shared signing communities for all. 

The Immersive "Hands-On" workshop consists of a 1 hour program split into three 20 minute sessions: 1) Observing Visual Vernacular Performances,     2) Learning the Signs for Different Countries around the World 3)  and Exploring De’VIA Genre Artwork.  Optional substitute sessions are: 4) Learning about Deaflympics and/or 5) learning Animal Kingdom Signs.  Voice interpreting is provided. 

Visual Vernacular offers a truly unique experience for participants to observe the use of the entire body and recap what they understood. During the World Country Signs session, participants learn the signs for many countries around the world, learning about Deaf people as the world's global citizens.  The fun interactive exploration of a De'VIA Art genre is a unique opportunity for participants to discover what De'VIA is, which is an acronym for Deaf View/Image Art, and what they personally and globally gain from it!  Also can substitute any of the above with Deaflympics, an opportunity to learn about Deaf Athletes and Deaf Sports worldwide, and/or learn the many different signs for animals in the Animal Kingdom.


If your group is looking for something other than these three standard sessions provided, we do provide customized workshop packages. Contact us or fill out the Immersive HANDS-ON Workshop Request Form!

$8 per participant with a
minimum of $80


maximum group size
is 60

Here's a tip! In preparation to creating a successful and memorable educational experience for your groups, you could have the students practice fingerspelling their name. You can find examples of fingerspelling online.

HANDS-ON Badges for Scouts

For an additional $3 each, Girls and Boys Scouts (or anyone) can earn a HANDS-ON badge at the end of the workshop experience.

Please indicate on your request form if you would like this add-on.

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