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Backyard Movie Night at the Museum!

Backyard Movie Night at the Museum!

Visual Description: As the background of this flyer, there is a sky of stars and a crescent moon with cedar trees silhouetted against dark blue. Below the logo of the Museum of Deaf History, Arts, and Culture, located in the top left corner, there is a white text stating "Cultural Series". There is then a larger, colorful text that states, "BACKYARD MOVIE NIGHT" with a film reel as clipart image to the left, and a pair of movie tickets as clipart image to the right. Below the larger, colorful text is a reel of film with text in blue "AT THE MUSEUM" and text in white below the reel being the address of the museum, Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture, 455 E. Park St, Olathe, KS. Next, the line with the words all colored a different color, alternating orange, green, yellow, then pink, "DEAF WORLD IS HOGWARTS!" In the two images below, we see a Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone cover art with three film characters, and another cover art of Nyle DiMarco who wears a black t-shirt with a mustache and beard and is frozen as a signer. The text below these images reads, "PREVIEW: Nyle DiMarco, Deaf Actor, explains how Harry Potter parallels to the Deaf world." Following is a line of yellow text, "Bring lawn chairs and blankets!" To the left of the two images is a clipart image of a filmmaker's clapperboard displaying white text stating "WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31 8:00 PM" and to the right is a popcorn bowl displaying "FREE ADMISSION" with rainbow-colored letters in the last word.

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