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Boots & BBQ Un-Gala


The Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture (MDHAC) is pleased to announce its Fifth Hybrid Biennial Boots & BBQ Un-Gala on Saturday, November 4, 2023.  It will be held at the Old Historic Shawnee Town in Shawnee, Kansas.

MDHAC’s Boots and BBQ Un-Gala is a community-wide fundraiser that inspires a deeper appreciation and understanding of the advantages of sign languages for all humans, the lives of diverse Deaf people and their language, culture, experiences, achievements, and contributions.

MDHAC is excited to have Lisa McBee (FB/IG: @McBeeAsl) as our Mistress of Ceremonies and Entertainer!  She's part of Visual Vernacular (Visual Vernacular is a performance art that uses a combination of sign language, body movements, and facial expressions to convey a story or message. It is a truly captivating form of expression that highlights the rich diversity of Deaf culture). 

Tickets are $85.00 (early bird by October 7th) per person which includes BBQ Dinner, Auction, Fun Games and Live Entertainment.  For those who will attend virtually will get gift card for dinner so you can order and eat while watching.   (Schedule of Event will be posted).

Un-Gala Partnerships

Thank you to the following amazing Partnerships!

The Classic Cowboy Boots Headliner


Roper's Boots Club

Western Work Boots Club

Robert & Wendy Koch

Shortie Boots Club

Nell Bowen

In-Kind Donation

Want to be one of our amazing partnerships? 
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