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Artworks for Sale

Image description: Flyer heading "Chuck Baird Art Gallery" with the "Freedom?" artwork across the top, MDHAC logo and subheading "Artwork for Sale," "support deaf black artists!" including a black/tan sign language for "support", body of flyer text info "A message from 2021-2023 FEATURED ARTIST ROSALYN WATSON!"

It is an honor to be a featured artist at The Chuck Baird Deaf Gallery. I want people to see that I am a talented Deaf Black Woman Artist. My art depicts stories that have been passed down for generations.

I was born and raised in Gibson, Louisiana. My art career started at the age of 3 when I drew a picture of an apple to get my Mother’s attention. From that point on I was constantly encouraged by family and friends to continue to draw.

In 1990 I graduated from the former Louisiana Art Institute where I studied Commercial Arts. In 2019 I received my Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art with a minor in Photography. While at Gallaudet University I painted murals in the Benson Hall Dormitory. The President of Gallaudet University purchased one of my artworks and proudly displays it outside of her office. During my professional career I have received numerous awards and recognition during art shows.

I have enhanced talents in various forms of art, including but not limited to oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, black & white pencils, color pencils, illustration ink pens, and pencils. My favorite mediums are Black & White pencils and watercolors.

Currently I am working on building my art business. I want to expose the world to art, one painting at a time."


Footer of flyer shows four pieces of artworks in a row, black and white painting of a black woman embracing a ball of light, a moonlight painting of black men meeting under the moonlight strategizing their escape from slavery, a painting of a cotton field with a soldier informing to the black people that slavery was abolished, a painting of a young Deaf girl being snatched away by a white hand. At bottom right corner, image of black Deaf artist, Rosalyn Watson, with long dreads, wearing clear glasses, brown vest over a white shirt with brown bowties. Rosalyn is smiling. Bottom header states "Consider purchasing and owning an original piece of artwork by Rosalyn Watson! 80% of your purchase(s) of Rosalyn’s artworks will go directly to Rosalyn and 20% will support MDHAC.


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