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We seek to build an inclusive workforce and environment. We welcome and support people of all races, ethnicity, cultures and religions and seek to foster teamwork and effective partnerships among our staff. The talent, energy and skills of volunteers enable the Museum to serve all members of the general public, including children, families, adults, and specialists.


When the museum receives volunteer applications from interested, qualified individuals, we do our best to match interested volunteers with available opportunities. To maximize the potential for a good fit between volunteer and prospective positions, please indicate your areas(s) of interest on the application.



Experience the inner workings of a nonprofit organization in this extremely important job that can assist a variety of departments; from Museum, Visual Arts, Cultural Enrichment, Marketing, Membership, Volunteer, Facility to Visitor Services and Finance.  Duties include but are not limited to museum design, coordination of arts,  program development,  social media management, web design and maintenance,  membership outreach, volunteer recruitment, building/lawn maintenance, mailings, filing, stuffing envelopes, phone calls, and many more!


Work directly with the Museum Director on projects that include inventory, cataloguing, conservation, and researching the collection. With this position volunteers can also help with exhibit planning, interpretation, installation, deinstallation and collection maintenance. This is a great learning opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in public history or the museum field. Projects can be developed to support individual interests and this position can be amended for school internships.


Work behind the scenes with the Museum Director on projects that include records management, cataloguing, inventorying, creation of finding aids, research on the collection, and research for patron requests. This is a great learning opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in archives management or library science.

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