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History of ASL

Our annually updated display case at the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture® is currently showcasing the origins of American Sign Language.  ASL has its origins in Martha's Vineyard, a tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts. Come visit us and check out this exhibit!


Featured Exhibits



From January 2017 to March 2018, our annually updated display case at the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture® highlighted the LEAD-K Campaign.  The LEAD-K, Language Equality & Acquisition for Deaf Kids, Campaign is a visual civil rights movement to end the nationwide epidemic of language deprivation by promoting language equality, American Sign Language (ASL) and English for all Deaf babies, leading to a new generation of Deaf children who are Kindergarten-ready.

Learn more about LEAD-K through it's website and thru the Nyle DiMarco Foundation.


Hyer Boot Factory


From January 2016 to December 2016, the    display case at the Museum of Deaf HIstory, Arts & Culture® showcased the Hyer Boot company, the inspiration for our Boots and BBQ UnGala and a themed Patio Culture. The well-known “cowboy boot” of frontier America fame has one of its origins in the shoe shop of Charles Henry Hyer of Olathe, Kansas in 1875, a man who actually worked at Kansas School for the Deaf where he trained students in shoemaking!


Published with permission from the Kansas Humanities Council,

Turning Points Film


"Signs of For a Change" 

The Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture® is honored to have been featured in the Kansas Humanities Council short-film project, Turning Points.

This ten-minute film tells the story of how the I-35 highway sign began directing travelers to the Kansas School for the Deaf and the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture®. The sign brought parents and students, as well as curious travelers, researchers, and others interested in learning more about Deaf culture. The need for community outreach led to the establishment of the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture® to educate the general public about the diverse and vibrant culturo-linguistic Deaf community and to preserve and share the rich heritage of the Deaf experience.

The four films are included in the video. “Signs for a Change” is the first video and ends at 8:05.

Featured Films

Girl Scout & Boy Scout


We’re giving “high fives” to the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts that have completed projects at the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture® for the past six years. Ten Boy Scouts have achieved Eagle Rank and two Girl Scouts have earned their Gold Award for projects. If you are interested in helping, please contact us!


Featured Projects

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