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Cultural Series: Backyard Movie Night at the Museum!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Mark your calendars! WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31ST, 2022, 8:00 P.M.

Cultural Series: Backyard Movie Night at the Museum!

A unique and fun event open to the public! Learn what the Deaf world is like! Discover how Hogwarts IS the Deaf world. Take this opportunity to gain understanding through the Deaf lens on how the Harry Potter stories and movies parallels with the Deaf world! Join for a night at the museum among the summer stars to watch the first Harry Potter movie: The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Admission is FREE.This is an outdoor event.

Bring your own lawn chair and/or blankets. Refreshments will not be available, so be sure to bring your own water bottle and snacks.

Please consider becoming a Friend of MDHAC and/or donate to help make such events free to the public!

Thank you!

Bring everyone! Bring a lawn chair and blankets!

Visual Description: As the background of this flyer, there is a sky of stars and a crescent moon with cedar trees silhouetted against dark blue. Below the logo of the Museum of Deaf History, Arts, and Culture, located in the top left corner, there is a white text stating "Cultural Series". There is then a larger, colorful text that states, "BACKYARD MOVIE NIGHT" with a film reel as clipart image to the left, and a pair of movie tickets as clipart image to the right. Below the larger, colorful text is a reel of film with text in blue "AT THE MUSEUM" and text in white below the reel being the address of the museum, Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture, 455 E. Park St, Olathe, KS. Next, the line with the words all colored a different color, alternating orange, green, yellow, then pink, "DEAF WORLD IS HOGWARTS!" In the two images below, we see a Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone cover art with three film characters, and another cover art of Nyle DiMarco who wears a black t-shirt with a mustache and beard and is frozen as a signer. The text below these images reads, "PREVIEW: Nyle DiMarco, Deaf Actor, explains how Harry Potter parallels to the Deaf world." Following is a line of yellow text, "Bring lawn chairs and blankets!" To the left of the two images is a clipart image of a filmmaker's clapperboard displaying white text stating "WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31 8:00 PM" and to the right is a popcorn bowl displaying "FREE ADMISSION" with rainbow-colored letters in the last word.

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