Ritchie Bryant: Stories of Inspiration - Who do I looked up to?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Text: Stories of Inspiration! Who do I look up to? By Ritchie Bryant

Hi, I would like to talk about Dr. Nathie Marbury those sign name is "N" sign-shape from chin to heart. When I was a student at Gallaudet University, I looked up to her because she was involved with ASL story-telling and poetry plus taught in the use of ASL curriculum and modeling of signs. Wow, I was so impressed and she really has an influence on me. Later in life, I got a job at a community college in Texas and it just so happened that Nathie also worked there and we became colleagues, where we learned from each other and exchanged thoughts and ideas before she passed. She has remained my role model, the one that I really look up to.

(Dr. Nathie Marbury: