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The Hidden Gem Begins Traveling Nationwide

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture (MDHAC) is truly a hidden gem located right in the heartland of America. MDHAC is beginning to travel nationwide to set up its booth at festivals, expos, and conferences. Visitors to the booth are first surprised, intrigued, and delighted to discover such a museum exist. Visitors often leave the booth enthralled and amazed at learning about some marvelous hidden contributions to society by Deaf people.

MDHAC’s mission is to advance and preserve the knowledge about Deaf people, their languages, cultures, and experiences in the United States and around the world. Through MDHAC, it inspires visitors with meaningful appreciations of a rich and vibrant culturo-linguistic Deaf community, as well as invoke the truth of Deaf peoples’ struggles and resistance. As a result of its work, the values and endeavors of Deaf people are embraced.

Hence, MDHAC is on a nationwide quest to further meet its mission, vision, and make a social impact. MDHAC began its 2022 traveling adventures at the DeafNation Expo in Kansas City, MO on April 2nd and in Rochester, NY on October 1st. MDHAC is scheduled to share its hidden gems again at the DeafNation Expo in Seattle, WA on November 5th. Be sure to visit its booth if you are nearby.

Now, delving further into the hidden gems of Deaf history, arts and culture, there is one festival that is the epitome of another hidden “rare” gem! The Annual Deaf Visual Arts Festival (DVAF) in St. Louis, hosted by DEAF, Inc. was a real treat for MDHAC to have a booth and do a presentation at DVAF from September 8th thru 10th. Every aspect of DVAF is priceless, simply because it touches on the three crucial arteries to the beating heart of the vibrant culturo-linguistic Deaf community – its history, arts and culture expressed from the lens of Deaf Gain and Deafhood.

From a history perspective, DVAF invites and presents notable Deaf talents and contributions throughout Deaf history, such as inviting past and present-day experienced, emerging and new Deaf artists and creators to its event for the general public to appreciate, celebrate and elevate.

From the arts perspective, DVAF provides multiple immersive experiences for youth and adults, and showcases the diverse Deaf talents in the visual arts galore, ranging from filmmaking to mixed media.

From the culture perspective, DVAF creates a DeafSpace for the general public to experience the vibrant, immersive language-rich environment and the social norms that has sustained the Deaf community’s existence since the beginning of humankind!

DVAF in essence, is a Deaf Gain to the general public. Visitors witness and experience firsthand the benefits of the Deaf experience that enriches all of humanity, such as fostering eye contact when conversing. Eye contact is a necessity for humans to build deep and strong relationships and connections!

DVAF is truly an event not to be missed and should be something for everyone to discover and treasure!

MDHAC looks forward to returning to DVAF next year and to other events. If you know of any other events for MDHAC to share its hidden gem, let MDHAC know!

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